You Can Make Me Well

Mark 1:40-45

“You can make me well.” A lot of people have Jesus on speed dial. Heal me, Jesus.

In the first chapter of Mark, there are two times the gospel writer tells us that Jesus is not so excited about spreading the news of his healing touch. Last week, after he healed Simon’s mother-in-law (and the rest of the town), the disciples interrupted his prayers, saying “Everyone is looking for you.” He said, “Let’s go to another town, I was sent to bring the message to all.”

In this story immediately after it, he told the leper not to tell others of his healing touch . Jesus knew what would happen. He wouldn’t have a minute’s rest. More people would come, saying, “You can make me well.”

There’s a song in the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, when the crowd gathers around Jesus, pulling on his hands and on his clothes, crying,

See my eyes, I can hardly see.
See me stand, I can hardly walk.
I believe you can make me whole.
See my tongue I can hardly talk.
See my skin, I’m a mass of blood.
See my legs, I can hardly stand.
I believe you can make me well.

Haitian school fed by Trinity/HOPE     A year ago at this time, I was getting ready to go to Haiti to visit some of the schools in the Trinity/HOPE feeding program. The third school we visited had only started the feeding program after the earthquake. When our mission team visited a year later, that school had grown from 180 students to 350 students.

When people heard the Lutheran school in the area could heal the hunger pains of their children, they brought their children so they would be fed at least one meal a day. The education was secondary to the basic bodily needs. Yet the education will now help to raise the literacy rate and promote long term growth. Double the number of children took double the amount of money to accommodate them. Yet God provided the funds in the next year to make it happen. The body of Christ healed their hunger pains.

A month after my trip, Haitians elected a new president. He has placed a new emphasis on education, and this has drawn 200,000 more children into the schools in Haiti. Trinity/HOPE has been affected by this. There are now seventeen hundred more children in the ninety schools with our feeding programs than we anticipated for this school year. At twenty-six cents per meal, that’s $450 per day more than we budgeted for. Multiply that by 185 school days and we’re looking at $70,000 needed to feed them.

“If you choose, you can make me well.”

Now do you see why Jesus might have wanted to keep the publicity down a little? There is Ponte Quenipe school in Haitiso much need in the world. Yet when the leper came to him, Jesus did not refuse him. He made him well. Now that these 1,700 children have come to us and said, “If you choose, you can feed us,” they will not be turned away. We, the body of Christ, will feed them. We have reserves that can do this, and we will work harder to find more sponsors, more people who are willing to show their love for Jesus by feeding his lambs. This brings our total number of children fed each day they are in school to over 17,000.

If you want to be part of providing Jesus’ healing touch to soothe the aching stomachs of children in Haiti, go to the Trinity/HOPE website and feed His lambs.

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