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     For the next ten days (until March 14) I’ll be pricing my new ebook, How To Store Up Treasures in Heaven and Enjoy Them in Your Life Today, on Amazon for 99ȼ. After that, I’ll be raising the price in order to jump through some Amazon hoops to get into one of their promotion venues. But let me tell you a little about this new book.

     For fifty years of my life, I was given the impression that working hard, following the rules faithfully, sacrificing some good times and self-indulgences (is that a bad word to use during Lent?) – this is what would make me feel more worthy or justified (and yes, I am steeped in the Lutheran and Augustinian theology of guilt and inborn shame) of spending eternity in a good place.

     Then I became a preacher. This gave me the ability to study the Bible (and meditate) and learn more than I was ever taught prior to that. In fact, my education and study didn’t stop when I finished four years of seminary. Seminary was in-depth variations of the same things I’d been taught for fifty years.

     But none of that satisfied some of the questions about things that didn’t have answers that made sense. Faith—was about trusting the church’s explanations (as determined by 4th century with a few [like 30,000 denominational] alterations)—when you don’t understand.

     So, is it true that God has a wonderful place waiting for everyone who believes what their current spiritual guru, i.e., preacher, says will get them there? Is there a city with streets of gold and mansions of precious gemstones – which are earthly treasures – are they in heaven waiting for all of us who are washed in the blood of Jesus?

     How the heck do I know? Fortunately, that’s not in most churches’ requirements (although in the Bible belt it might be) for getting through the pearly gates. I believe there’s a good place for us to go when we die but I don’t trust the materialistic images that appeal to human desires.

     Instead, what I’ve learned from my extracurricular studies and meditations is that we’re not supposed to be so focused on the afterlife. Jesus said “don’t worry about tomorrow” much less about your death which is probably years away. Jesus said [in fact they were his first words that began his preaching ministry in the Gospels of Matthew (4:17) and Mark (1:15)], “Repent (change your thinking), for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

     This message was so important that in Matthew and in Luke, Jesus was always leaving the unending job of healing the sick in order to teach about the kingdom of God/heaven…the kingdom that is at hand, not the one that is in the after-life.

     I think this is part of the problem of the church today. It’s always trying to help people to enter a good life once they’re dead rather than showing them how to participate in the life God has blessed them with today.

     One of the questions I always had that the church never answered was, “Okay, I understand that I shouldn’t be focused on storing up earthly treasures that can temporarily satisfy some earthly cravings, but how do I store up treasures in heaven?”

     What I’ve discovered is that God wants you and me to enjoy all the heavenly treasures today, in this life—without guilt (after all, Jesus took our guilt upon himself). We don’t have to wait until we die to enjoy heavenly treasures.

     In my book, as short as it is, you read about seventeen actions that will keep you from inheriting the kingdom of God. It’s true. They’re listed in the Bible. I don’t know how theologians and preachers can dance around them and say, “But, if you confess……then you don’t have to worry about these anymore.”

      I’m telling you, these seventeen actions will keep you out of the kingdom of God no matter what you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart on Sunday morning.

     Then I reveal nine heavenly treasures that are all around you. They are so abundant – the fields are ripe for the harvest, but there are so few workers. I explain how you can claim them and enjoy them as you’re working your way through this life. And there’s a thousand year old technique that will help you begin storing these treasures so you can be blessed by them immediately.

 Vikiana-Fivrr    So there’s a lot packed into the forty-two pages of this ebook. I hope you’ll take advantage of this new release in the next ten days so you can get How To Store Up Treasures in Heaven and Enjoy Them in Your Life Today on Amazon at the introductory price of 99ȼ.

     And if you do happen to like what you read, it would really be a blessing to me if you would write an honest review (NOT mentioning that you’re my best friend, of course – that never helps sell a book!) that suggests it might be a good read for others. Thanks!


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  1. Nancy J. Nance says:

    Just ordered your book Paul and look forward to reading it.

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