The Luther Decade

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Official website of the Luther Decade.

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Travel to Germany


Luther Cities


Gettysburg Seminary Alumnus to Lead Wittenberg Center


Luther Decade Launched for Reformation Anniversary,,3655222,00.html?maca=en-aa-cul-865-rdf


Luther decade opened


Luther Decade launched for Reformation’s 500th anniversary


Lutherans Worldwide Celebrate Martin Luther’s Baptism


Celebrations mark 525th anniversary of Luther’s baptism


The Luther Decade is launched in Wittenburg marking the Reformation’s 500th anniversary.–.html


Luther City Revisits the Reformation,1518,586439,00.html


500 trees will mark half-millennium of Luther’s Reformation


Luther 2017 Countdown: The 95 Theses Festivities


Catholics can learn from Luther too, says Cardinal Kasper


Sermon in the Wittenberg Castle Church opening the Luther Decade


Learn from Luther: Kasper


The Lutheran World Federation   Luther Garden 1517-2017


Martin Luther: Witness to Jesus Christ


The Luther Decade 2013 – 2017 (Heidelberg Tourism)


“Luther’s Influence Continues Today.” Interview with Stefan Rhein