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Centering Prayer – A Journey Toward Happiness

  Practicing centering prayer will change your life. Don’t let the word “prayer” throw you. There’s a tendency to compartmentalize the notion of prayer from some forms of institutional religion but practicing it has shown it to be a journey … Continue reading

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Happiness in 2013

  My wife and I watched a movie (streamed it) from NetFlix last night called “Happy.” It researched the things that bring happiness. It easily refuted that money, fame, or honor make a person happy. Yes, it’s important to have … Continue reading

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Programs for Happiness – Letting Go

Matthew 5:1-12 As the spiritual leader of a congregation, I think it’s my duty to encourage people to ask questions about what they’ve been taught, and to give them permission to agree or disagree with me and others so that they … Continue reading

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