Rest and Relaxation Aid Creativity


bright idea     Have you had any bright ideas lately? Maybe you’re too busy to have one.

     By bright idea, I mean something new, innovative, unique, outside the box, revolutionary… something that no one else has discovered. And I have to include a qualifier—that brings benefit to others.

     I include that because I think the force behind creativity is the Divine, the Ultimate Good, the Highest Power that many refer to as “God.” The book of Genesis says that all things God created were “good.” Many things have been invented (i.e., dynamite, splitting the atom, etc.) that were intended for good but the light was removed from them to use them for darkness.

     Bright ideas are often born when they have time and space to breathe.

     I’m reading a book called The Wisdom of the Subconscious Mind. The subconscious mind is the area of infinite creative activity. John K. Williams describes how the energy of the subconscious mind is subject to the orders of the conscious mind. That seems a little backward because we think of the subconscious controlling the conscious. But it’s a different kind of control.

     The conscious mind is like the architect while the subconscious is the construction engineer. Or the conscious mind is the driver of the car inserting the address into the GPS, which is the subconscious. The GPS then designs the route to reach the destination that was determined by the driver.

     Subconscious activity generally will devise the plans, the material, the arguments, and illustrations necessary to implement the orders.

     The statement that hit me like a flash of light was this: “Intense activity of the conscious mind prevents the recognition of subconscious insight…New insight, the fuller understanding and integration in the mental processes, emerges from the field of subconscious activity during moments of relaxation and rest. The great and useful secrets of nature, as well as those intuitions which bring us peace of mind and soul, rarely arrive when we are traveling at supersonic speed” (p.31).

     Examples were given of creative work accomplished by men who moved through their work with leisure and balance.

     This explains why centering prayer and meditation are helpful and important activities. They help you practice the art of slowing your thoughts so that the deep can come to life.

     No wonder it’s important to take time to rest, to relax, to be silent, to be in solitude, to quiet the conscious mind – it gives the subconscious time and space to create. Unless of course you don’t need to be creative or to have any new and life-changing ideas.


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