Personal Reformation


Luke 18:9-14

     Personal reformation must take place before the world will become a better place.

Personal reformation means—

1.  not looking down your nose at others no matter how good you think you are because it’s not about virtuous religious practices.

2.  reassessing your importance as it relates to the wellbeing of your neighbor rather than how important you are in your own mind.

3.  working to remove the log from your own eye, period.

4.  rather than slinging mud/negatives at others and thinking that makes you look better than them, and instead, look for the good in them and help them to progress in their efforts to bear good fruit.

 5.  working together for the common good rather than proving others need to do things the way you think they’re supposed to be done.

Now who do you think I’m talking about?

Is it Congress? Is it every Protestant or Catholic denomination? Is it your congregation comparing itself to the neighboring churches? Is it any board or committee in the organization? Or could it be……no! don’t say it!……me.

It’s so much easier to try to tell others what they are doing wrong than to work on yourself.

So instead of trying to figure out what everyone else ought to be doing – what will you and I personally do this next week to become more mature, more loving, more generous, more compassionate, more kind, etc.?

I can’t do your work for you. I can only do it for myself.

This is what I plan to do: Every day I will (1) let go of anger, (2) let go of worry, (3) be grateful for what I have, (4) devote myself to my work, and (5) harm no living creature. I will awaken to the peace, hope, and joy that wait to jump onto my lap when I do what I ought to be doing.

How will you begin your own personal reformation in your journey to develop into the person you think God wants you to be…created in the image of ultimate goodness?

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