Paul W. Meier Day on Amazon

Last week, a friend declared for herself a completely unauthorized and entirely unofficial day in promoting her book on Amazon. I thought it was such a great strategy that I decided to do it for myself. Thanks, Peg, for the awesome idea.

So this is it:

I now declare

THURSDAY, MARCH 29th to be

The Completely Unauthorized and Entirely Unofficial

Paul W. Meier Day on Amazon

So what’s going to happen?

You can download for FREE the block buster ebook I’ve just released: Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther: Finding Freedom in Love. But don’t bring your sleeping bags or tents to be first in line for your free copy because there will be plenty available, even at the end of the day. Amazon has stocked up for this one.

This is a picture of it and there is a link to Amazon in the sidebar where you can order it on March 29:

Why am I doing this? I do have an ulterior motive. The more books ordered on a single day (digital or print) helps its visibility to rise in Amazon’s ranking system. It doesn’t matter if the books are purchased or given away – go figure. It’s their system.

The other reason is that no one will know whether it’s good or bad unless they get one and look at it. Who wants to risk paying for something they don’t know if it’s worth reading? This is a chance to get it out into more hands. If you think there’s any hidden treasure to share, that would be great.

The ebook version will be free on March 29 and 30. Forty-eight hours. I don’t want to get greedy by taking the 30th as another day and making it all mine on Amazon. That would be obnoxious. Others should have a chance, too. The second day is for procrastinators and people who hate to go along with the crowd.

This is the fine print:  the “free” is for ebooks, not the print version. It’s cheaper to send internet waves through wires or air than to cut down trees, press them into paper, squeeze ink out of squids, print it on paper, and then send it through the mail. That process makes it $12.95 plus shipping, even though it is my special day.

By reading one excerpt from his sermon, the scripture text, and the corresponding prayer as your daily devotion, in sixty-seven days you’ll discover what gave Luther the strength and courage to challenge the church like young David faced Goliath.

So that’s it. You can look at the book trailer to get an idea of what the book is about, or surf around this website. I’m sure you’ll get an idea of where I’m coming from. I promise that the meditations are not tongue-in-cheek like this entirely embarrassing self-promotion post. Thanks for your help.

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