New Titles, Covers, and 99 cents for ebooks

Retirement has given me the time to reassess and revise some of the hurried work I did in the first few ebooks and books I’ve written. The result is that I’ve changed the titles and covers of the books that started off as the “In Living Color” series.

That title had more meaning to me because the Aramaic interpretations of traditional biblical words opened up a beautiful way of understanding them. It transformed the rather plain, black and white understandings I had from the English words and converted them into colorful descriptions that made more sense. It helped that the books I read were written by a translator (Aramaic to English) who is as much a poet and mystic as he is an Aramaic scholar. You wouldn’t get the same depth and beauty in interpretation from an academic scholar.

In my reading about writing and titling books, I found that the search engines on the internet look for keywords in titles. This helps them to find information for the consumer in a micro-nanosecond. Thus, when people want information about the Lord’s prayer or the kingdom of heaven, they don’t type “in living color.” My mistake. Now I’ve corrected that.

Here are my new book covers for those three books:    

The Lord's Prayer

The Beatitudes







The Kingdom of Heaven is for REAL

If you bought any of the books in the “In Living Color” series, keep them. I’ve made some micro-adjustments, but nothing to negate what was in them.

The study guides for the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes are still the same. The new ebooks, however, will not have the study guides at the end of the ebook. This is to keep the ebook shorter and to fit in the “short read” categories. You can  still download the study guides them from my website.

The best news is that I’ve lowered the price of all my ebooks (except Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther) to 99 cents.

How many people like to read religious stuff? Most “normal” people read to be entertained rather than to read material that could be included in a Sunday sermon. But I wrote these because I felt there was some very helpful things to be learned by clergy and laypeople. Maybe it was all I learned as I wrote them that made them valuable to me.

 In order to lower any barriers to reading a book focusing on religious understanding, I don’t want money to get in the way. I need to recover some of the editing and book cover and other costs, so I won’t give them away free. I’ve found that when you give books to people, they usually don’t read them anyway.

I will say that I think these are the best ebooks on these religious topics you can buy for the price of 99 cents. Obviously if they weren’t worth that, I wouldn’t have written them in the first place. 🙂

Lastly, people buy books based on the reviews – I know that I pay a lot of attention to the opinions of others when I’m trying to decide what to read next. Unfortunately, religious topics stir emotions in people who don’t like to read something other than what they’ve read for fifty or more years. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I don’t say the same old things. I keep learning as I go and since you’re still reading this, I think you are open to hearing and pondering new things, too.

Any help you can offer in a review on Amazon will help others make a decision to read or not read what I’ve written. I encourage you to go to the Amazon ebook page for each title whenever you finish the book and leave your opinion.

And if you received any benefit from a book, please recommend it to a friend. If you read anything that brings peace, hope, joy, or understanding to you, feel free to share it. The way good news spreads is by word of mouth. People who respect you will listen to your recommendations. Thanks.


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