Lust for God


loaf of breadRight now, I’m lusting for whatever is in the refrigerator that can satisfy my appetite. The holidays have a way of stretching the stomach, and that means extra pounds that need to be shed. My stomach lusts to be filled. My taste buds crave the blends of flavors of pasta dishes, breads, seafood, starches, steaks, wines, and desserts. But what I crave isn’t always good for me.

The “world” often carries a negative connotation in biblical interpretation. One implication of the “world” is sin, and sin is thought of as breaking the rules (albeit, rules of one’s choice). A narrowed view of being of the “world” is lust—which possesses a much wider brush than merely sexual desire.

The Hebrew word, nephesh, is translated many ways: soul, self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, passion, covetousness, lust. The Greek word translated as lust means desire, longing, craving for, appetite, covet. All these things sum up the flesh.

There are many kinds of lust. We have spiritual lusts, too. We long for acceptance, affection, respect, honor, dignity. When we don’t receive adequate amounts of these, we go looking for them in all the wrong places.

On a deeper level, we hunger for God—whatever that means.

In several places, the New Testament says that God/Christ/the Holy Spirit is within us. That’s not the usual place we imagine God. If God is already within us, why do we desire to know God? Why would God want to live in me, or you? And if God’s there, where’s he hiding? Do I have to go looking for God? How will I know it’s God when I find him?

These are some of the questions I think you might find answers to as you read my new book, O Taste and See.

One of the ways we find God is in meditation, in the silence, waiting for a word of the Lord to come to us in a still, small voice. Try it. Taste and see. I think it can help satisfy your lust for God.

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