The Great Commission Explained in 165 Words

Matt. 28:16-20 

The Greek word for disciples means “students.”

The Greek word for baptize means “immerse or overwhelm.”

In biblical times, a person’s name was a reference to his/her nature or character. David means “the beloved.” Abraham means “the father of many.” Jacob means “one who deceives.” Israel means “one who struggles with God.”

The Greek word for God means “light.” The Aramaic word for God (Alaha) means “unity or oneness.” The character of God as revealed in Christ is “love”—which unites all in oneness.

How do we attempt to make students of God? We are people made in the image of God, temples of the Holy Spirit. “Go, therefore and make students of all people, immersing them in the Love/Unity of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

How do we teach people to follow Jesus’s teachings? By example. By loving Unity. By loving ourselves. By loving our neighbors. By loving our enemies. By loving each other. Unconditionally and without judgment.

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