A New Gospel


    It’s time for a change on my blog. Change is an integral part of nature. Things that are alive evolve and change. Things that don’t change are dead.

     I just wrote a two-part blog that I thought I would use as the foundation for my sermon this Sunday. The armor of God by Paul of Tarsus. It was a re-write of a sermon six years ago. Actually, I don’t recycle sermons. Occasionally I go back, read what I wrote, gasp in horror, and start rewriting them. I’ve evolved from six years ago. At least, I pray that I have. Anyone who believes the same things they believed six years ago hasn’t advanced in their spirituality.

     After I posted my blog and sat down for my morning meditation, the thought that kept coming up was—is this what people come to church to hear? How does it benefit anyone? I would hope that it helps them develop greater focus on what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and as a result, they find greater peace and purpose in life. 

     But it’s hard to measure inner growth in people. You can only see it in their external actions. And I have to admit, I’ve seen a number of people growing in their compassionate actions. So maybe all is not lost. Maybe it’s just me evolving a little more, looking for good news that stimulates me beyond the written sources I’ve used for decades.

     So what am I going to do different? Well, I won’t be blogging about the weekly scripture texts for sermons. Who wants to read another sermon during the week? “What? You’re blogging on a sermon text for Sunday? I think I’ll go out and watch the grass grow.”

    If someone wants to read a sermon about what the Bible means, there are plenty of preachers posting them on their blogs. I’m going to change my focus. I’m going to blog about the grass and how it grows.

     What I mean by that is this: one gospel I’m going to spend some time reading is nature, the created world and how it teaches us. Jesus taught many lessons using the natural world as his script. As you will find on my Martin Luther short quotes page, he said, “God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.”

     So rather than focus on praying the gospels in the Book, I’m going to start praying the gospel in nature. I hope that will keep me awake, and you, too.

     Is there anything else (not politics, please) you think I should blog about?

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