Gay Marriage – Love is the Narrow Gate

Matt. 7:13-14

Gay Wedding Rainbow Rings Isolated on White Background.

     Gay marriage is a holy exception to the biblical generalization of the union of two people. Exceptions to the Law are found by entering the narrow gates of love. Jesus said there are few who enter by way of the narrow gate. This post is part of the July 2015 synchroblog that invited bloggers to write about “Gay Marriage.”

     If all the exceptions to the instructions of Moses were included in the Scriptures, a library of holy exceptions would be needed to cover everything the early writers failed to identify. The children of Israel would have needed an additional forty tabernacles filled with exceptions to drag with them in the wilderness.

     The wide gate is the unsorted accumulation of religious laws, and many are ruined by it.

     Jesus should have brought a paper shredder with him for all the hurtful regulations that had been collected over the centuries. Ultimately, he reduced the Law and the Prophets into one: Do to others what you would have them do to you. St. Paul said love is the fulfillment of the Law. Love is the narrow gate.

   Of course, without electricity, Jesus used parables about the kingdom of heaven to teach people how to get rid of hurtful regulations. I explain them in my book about the kingdom of heaven. I’ll just identify the two parables here – the net cast into the sea, and the wheat and the tares.

     For a long time I walked by way of the wide gate. It was a righteous feeling being in the right and on the right. I won’t go into all the details of how I moved to the middle of the road, unsure which way I was going to finally tip. But I’ll tell you the tipping point that threw me 100% on the side of love over law.

     For six years, I served a loving, united, and harmonious church community as their pastor. It was the kingdom of heaven. In 2009, the universe led my denomination to accept the partnering of gay clergy. That’s when Satan threw some weeds into our garden of Eden. (Seeds in the Bible are metaphors for teachings or “the word”.) Hurtful teachings started stealing the Light and living water from the good teachings. You can’t always tell the weeds from the wheat until you start seeing the fruit they bear. Then the teachings bore their fruit.

     The weeds (hurtful teachings) produced suffering, division, pain, and anger. That was a difficult time in our congregation. For some people, the Law was more important than caring for the outcast. Some left quietly. Some departed loudly and tried to pull as many away from the body as they could. The kingdom of heaven was torn asunder.

     That’s when I knew that to follow the way of Love was the hard way. It was Jesus’ way. And it has led to life—a life that is true to compassion, love, and the well-being of outcasts, strangers, the sick and imprisoned.

   It would have been far easier to follow the Law with so many others in the religious community. But that’s the wide gate. And many people follow it. Yet the wide gate brought anger and division. Only Love can bring life and joy to those who despair.

     Martin Luther gave me both permission and the freedom to let Love be my guide. He said, “Therefore we conclude that all law, divine and human, treating of outward conduct, should not bind any further than love goes. Love is to be the interpreter of law.”

     “When Jesus said, “Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it,” he wasn’t talking about gays experiencing difficulty to find life. Christians and other religious traditions have made sure the way for special people of the world is difficult. Jesus was talking about religious people finding it difficult to experience life in its abundance when they are ruled by Law rather than by love. There are many angry, hate-filled, law promoting Christians out there. They are constantly dividing each other.

     Love softens the heart while law hardens the heart.

     Sometimes it takes the universe moving itself forward without the help of the self-righteous to teach the religious world how to love. Fortunately, God is in control of the world. God is love and Love will ultimately bring all things together in perfect harmony as one.

     In the creation story, the human being was alone and it says this was “not good.” He need a “helper comparable to him” (Gen. 2:18 NKJV) to make him complete.

     Love recognized this. Love tried animal companionship first, but that didn’t do it (Gen. 2:18-20). The religious idiot who said gay marriage will lead to marriage with animals forgot God already figured that out. Pets aren’t sufficient to make one whole and complete. The human being needed someone like himself, capable of thinking, speaking, caring, and understanding his innermost needs. He needed someone to assist him and make him complete. Someone to help him through the many struggles on the journey of life.

     Marriage is a covenantal tradition in which two human beings commit themselves to each other in the image of love, uniting their energies to bring wholeness, healing, and harmony to each other. Their completeness brings them closer to the image of God, which is love.

     God is love. Love is the narrow gate. Love is the way of God. The Good Book is helpful in many ways, but love is the law God has written on my heart. That’s why I whole-heartedly support gay marriage.

     Will married gays do marriage perfectly? No. And law promoting, heterosexual Christians have provided no leadership or example worthy of following.

     Gay marriage is a positive step toward helping two people find the companionship they need in this journey of life. In my opinion, standing up for gay marriage is loving my neighbor the way Jesus intended. I hope you’ll join me in entering the kingdom by way of the narrow gate.

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16 Responses to Gay Marriage – Love is the Narrow Gate

  1. John J Flanagan says:

    Joining the chorus of our paganized and promiscuous culture, you have offered a blatantly ignorant and false narrative in support of “marriage” between persons of the same gender, and you have tried to use scripture in an unholy and heretical fashion to support your point of view. You know perfectly well that Jesus taught about the narrow way as a righteous and obedient path, and the wide path of the world leads to destruction. You try to make the Bible support a sinful lifestyle. You ignore hundreds of verses in Holy Writ, and even Romans 1 has no effect on your opinion that you see a tolerant and progressive God who affirms sin rather than reproves it. Psalm 145 tells us that the Lord is righteous in all His ways and holy in all Hus works, but you stand ready to pollute and taint Him with your own philosophical and worldly values. How will you view other Christians, ones more faithful than yourself, who still hold to traditional and conservative values about marriage? Are they now your enemy because they do not wish to join you and others who twist the word of God to please the carnal appetite of this generation?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your opinion. It gives me hope that I am “blessed” in the way Jesus described in Matt. 5:11. And according to Jesus, those who profess that they know the Scriptures backward and forward don’t necessarily understand it correctly. That’s why he told the Pharisees in five different places in the Gospel of John: “You don’t know God.” Jesus has shown me a God of love. Why are you worried about what I think about those people who traditionally see a God of law? That’s their opinion and they have to live with it. They’re the ones who live with anger because everyone doesn’t agree with them. But I’m at peace with a forgiving, healing, and guiding God even though some don’t agree with me.

  2. Julie Richards says:

    I’m very impressed that Mr Flannagan knows exactly what our Creator feels about the topic.
    Did not our Creator create us all? He created ALL of us in His image. And He came back to earth to teach us that LOVE is the most important of commandments. In Mr Flannagan’s response, I don’t sense any love. I do sense judgement, which is not ours to impart. Look it up.

    Interesting that in the Bible, Jesus himself doesn’t discriminate. But He is not fond of those that oppress.

    Agree or disagree, we are fellow Christians, Mr Flannagan. I thank the Lord for you.


  3. Tara says:

    I’m a rostered leader in this church as well. And to your post, I simply say “Amen!”

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  7. Karen says:

    Just remember,though there are those who don’t agree with gay marriage, they have a right to their opinion and beliefs and should not be thought of as idiots and hatemongers. Many of them are true Christians that would help anyone gay or straight. They also should not have to adhere to a law that they feel goes against their beliefs. Wasn’t this country started because of a want for religious freedom?

    • admin says:

      Karen, my crude term of idiot was reserved only for the ridiculous argument of marriage to animals that has no basis in love. It devalues and dehumanizes the people wanting to seal their covenant to each other. I understand that there are many loving Christians, and people of other faiths, who are not of the same opinion. As I stated above, I was one of them. But not any longer. You bring up a good point about religious freedom. Except that Christians for centuries have been trying to withhold the freedom to commit themselves to the person they love and to be recognized as one by civil authority. Everyone should have the freedom to express their love openly and fully, and to be supported in that covenant. Thanks for your comment so that I could clarify my term.

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