Free ebooks on April 29 & 30


Today and Tuesday, April 29 & 30, three of my ebooks will be available for FREE download to any ereader or computer that has a Kindle app. The links are identified below. Here’s some information that may help you to decide whether to try them out or not.

In Living Color: The Lord's PrayerIn Living Color: The Lord’s Prayer is a fresh look at the Lord’s Prayer as it has been interpreted from the Aramaic translation. Based on the ratings and reviews (On Amazon: 8 five-stars/1 four-star/4 one-stars) and (On Goodreads: 4 five-stars/1 four-star/1 one-star), if you lean toward an evolving Christianity and are open to new ways of understanding things like Father, heaven, forgiveness, evil, etc., you’ll like it. If you are someone who prefers things to stay the way they’ve been, you probably won’t like it even though it’s free. Some of the material would help formulate a sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer. You can download it FREE here:

o taste and see

O Taste and See: Discovering God Through Imaginative Meditations is a book of thirty meditations based on the meditative practice of Ignatius of Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises. It engages the five physical senses to enter stories with Jesus. I added a step that helps eliminate any lingering fear of the Father. This ebook is very new and has very few reviews.



Be the LightBe the Light: Overcoming Evil with Good is a quick-read response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut and is appropriate for every event in which evil is demonstrated, including the Boston Marathon bombings. I think it’s how Jesus asks us to respond to evil.

(This can be downloaded to any ereader; it doesn’t need the Kindle app – and it’s always free at this site.)


Praying the Gospels with Martin LutherAnd I’m putting Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther: Finding Freedom in Love on sale for $2.99. Martin Luther’s scholastic writings provided the theological foundation for change in the institutional church. Now his sermons reveal that love lies at the heart of biblical interpretation and application. Get the details here –

I hope you take this opportunity to read these books. The price is right! I would greatly appreciate feedback and short reviews/comments, too.

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