Have You Forgotten Sandy Hook Elementary School Yet?


     Time flies, doesn’t it? I wonder if the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012 would be ancient history if it wasn’t stirring up so much emotion because some people fear losing their guns. That may be the only thing keeping the memory fresh and in the news.

KY ice storm     Most people who live outside of the printed pages and airwaves of New York and the east coast have long forgotten Hurricane Sandy. Yet there are many people without power – since the end of October. Most New Englanders forgot about Hurricane Katrina within a couple of months. And both coasts forgot about the ice storm of 2009 in Kentucky sooner than the electricity was restored for many of us.

     When you’re not affected by the immediate tragedy, time flies. It crawls when you’re in the middle of it. Life must go on…but it need not go unchanged.

     Every tragedy carries with it the opportunity for light to shine in the darkness of someone else’s loss, no matter where you live. You and I are that light. We may not be able to go to the site of the darkness, but we can shine brightly where we are and make a difference in the world.

     NBC News correspondent, Ann Curry, tweeted a compassionate suggestion for people to consider in response to the evil that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School: perform 26 acts of kindness in memory of the loss of innocent lives. If people didn’t respond in the heart of the crisis, they certainly won’t be motivated to start today…that is, until tragedy hits next door to them.

     This isn’t criticism. It’s reality. Life goes on for those who are not directly affected. It Be the Lighthas to. And yet, every tragedy carries with it the seed of something good—and you are the soil.

     I’ve written a short ebook that focuses on the good that can come whenever pain, sorrow, or loss comes into the world. I’ve redefined “evil” according to the broader picture the Hebrew and Aramaic languages portray it. And I’ve explained how the wisdom of antiquity has long recommended we deal with the intentional actions of people who disrupt the harmony in life.

     My hope is that it will be a resource to pull out every time tragedy strikes, to motivate people to act with wisdom, love, and kindness. Doing so will have the effect of reducing the inclination of many to lash out with evil actions. Goodness will conquer evil when we join together to bring kindness into the world.

     I’ve uploaded my book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo and will provide links when they are available. This ebooklet is dedicated to the families whose loved ones were taken from them in the senseless murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

     I listed the ebook for free on Kobo, and at the lowest price possible on Amazon and Nook – $0.99. (I think Amazon will price-match the Kobo free pricing when it’s reported to them.) Because I think we need to start training our children to repay evil with good, 100% of moneys received will be donated to a scholarship fund for financially challenged families of preschool children. The world will never be the same if we do this.

  Be the light!

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