Feeding Children in Haiti through Trinity-HOPE Inc.


“Bringing HOPE to the children of Haiti, one bowl of beans and rice at a time.”

St. Sauveur schoolBased out of Lebanon, TN, Trinity/HOPE Inc. has been feeding children in Haiti for fifteen years. They started with one school in 1998 and now insure that over 17,000 children will eat at least one meal every day they attend school.

The latest figures show that 97 cents of every dollar goes to making it possible for children to eat.

children at Pont Quenepe, HaitiToday it only costs 27 cents to feed a child one meal at their school. Multiply that by 180 days of school and you can feed one child for a whole school year for $50.00.

This is the official website for Trinity/HOPE Inc. through which you can receive detailed information and make donations.

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Does your church need a Vacation Bible School mission focus?

Kids Feeding Kids in Haiti through Trinity/HOPE

We  feed over 17,000 children every year – and with your help, we can feed more!

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MY TRIP TO HAITI:  Feb. 26-March 5, 2011

     I traveled with John Hall, founder of Trinity/HOPE Inc., to visit 12 of the 86 schools participating in the feeding program in Haiti.  It’s the first time I’d been to a third world country. This is the first school we visited – Mixte Probite. 


The second school we visited, Ponte Quenepe, was located in Gonaives, Haiti. We got there in time to watch how they served their beans and rice.

A little boy sat next to me said, “English?” I said, “Yes!” Then he said, “One, two, three.” I think that was the only English he knew. But he got me started teaching them to count to ten together. (When children are fed, they can learn and have fun.)

This is Trinity/HOPE founder, John Hall, with Joan Weber, chairperson of our Mission & Ministry Board, and Jean Phillipe Paul, one of our favorite feeding directors who came to speak to us on our Thanksgiving Night in the Hunger Fight fundraiser. 

Thanksgiving Night in the Hunger Fight


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  2. Lymeau Amyel says:

    Hello, I am Lymeau Amyel Director of Christian school at savane-carrée. How can I participate to this program?

    • admin says:

      Hello Lymeau, Thank you for your interest. I will send your email address to the main office of Trinity/Hope. They will respond to you. My computer information tells me the email server you use is @yahoo.fr – if this is not correct, let me know. Thanks again. Paul

  3. Nixon Salomon says:

    My name is Pastor.Nixon Salomon, How can I participate in that program? Please you can send me an email at ——ixon@gmail.com

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