Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther




  “Prayer is a very precious medicine, one that helps and never fails.”   Martin Luther   (Luther 1956, vol. 21)


     Martin Luther’s scholastic writings provided the theological foundation for change in the institutional church. Now his sermons reveal that love lies at the heart of biblical interpretation and application. In what he considered one of his greatest works, a collection of sermons called the Church Postil, Luther explained how the biblical texts applied to the practice of daily living. By reading a sermon excerpt with the scripture text that gave rise to it and the resulting prayer as your daily devotion, you’ll discover what gave Luther the courage to challenge the church like young David faced Goliath. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of the freedom the gospel imparts, learn to discover the viability of any law by passing it through the filter of love, and discover that the truest expression of faith and love for God is found in loving one’s neighbor.



     “Although I am not usually moved by somebody else’s written prayers, this book is, for me, a unique combination of readings, prayer and reflection and hymn lyrics that moves my spirit into a calm communion with God. I do not see this as a scan-read book, but a word by word meditative resource.” Keith Anderson

          “I was recently given a copy of your book, Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther. I am savoring what you wrote and it is refreshing me daily as I mediate on the simplicity and power of the Gospel of Christ. When I read your prayers, I am especially taken to the deep place where it is just me and God. Your prayers are so real and sincere and child-like in how you are exposing your heart, that I am greatly moved. I just wanted to thank you and bless you.” – D.H. Princeton, KY 

     “[Meier] expresses the spirit of the related sermon in contemporary, yet reverent language; some of it reminds me of Eugene Peterson’s “Message” version of the Bible. I love how each one ends with a stanza or two from a hymn by Luther!” Leah Chang

     “Outstanding!!!!! It will give you a better insight on how to pray and what the man Martin Luther was feeling. Again an outstanding book.” PJ

     “I found the sermons and prayers very helpful in promoting contemplative prayer and meditation. The introduction to the work is quite good. It is brief but includes some very practical helps toward preparing for meditation physically and emotionally – something often overlooked in works such as this. A solid work for fostering deep meditation on the faith and greater understanding suited for Catholics and Protestants alike.” Stratiotes Doxha Theon  

     “Paul has done an admirable job of reading and highlighting for the average person Luther’s message for each Sunday/text and giving us a thought and a prayer to meditate on during the week.” Hoosier Pastor

     “As I read the prayers in this book, it became evident that Martin Luther had actually freed Christians from constraints of man-made belief systems.” Carolyn McElrath

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