The Lord’s Prayer – Finding New Meanings Within the Language Jesus Spoke



     For those who love the timeless prayer Jesus taught and want to savor every bit of beauty and depth it has to offer, this is the icing on the cake. Rather than the rehashed explanations that don’t change over the centuries, Meier offers some exciting new ways to appreciate the prayer through its interpretation from the Aramaic perspective.     

     As you dig into each phrase, you will recognize a profound framework for spiritual growth. Building around God’s desire for unity among all creation, each petition is explored to reveal internal, external, literal, metaphorical, and mystical treasures common to the Aramaic language. Praying and meditating on the traditional words of the Lord’s Prayer, rooted in the language Jesus spoke, will rekindle your love for its shared wisdom.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • the history behind how the Lord’s Prayer was established to be spoken in groups with one voice
  • why translation of words from one language to another is not an exact science
  • the heaven in which the Father dwells is closer than you think
  • why we have a part to play in helping the kingdom to come
  • there are many levels of application in each petition
  • how forgiveness is more than a declaration of absolution
  • how evil can be understood in a way that makes you believe it’s possible to overcome
  • and so much more!


     When I downloaded this onto my Kindle I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, but once I began, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was really going to love this book. I finished it today, and I wasn’t disappointed. I found myself highlighting so much that I gave up because what’s the use of highlighting an entire book? I especially loved the chapter on “God’s will”. Still pondering…  by Michelle B. McConnell

    The Prayer of the Lord is an eye-opening journey, one that reveals new vistas in familiar terrain. This is a book I would have no problem giving to a new believer looking to develop his prayer life or a mature believer looking to examine the model prayer.    I enjoy Paul W. Meier’s teaching because he excels at encouraging Christians to think more deeply about biblical truth than they ever thought was possible. He clearly explains the Scriptures with sentences that are simple and accurate. The Prayer of the Lord is an immensely helpful and practical resource for any who desire a richer, more biblically-informed prayer life. This little book now takes its place with the classics on prayer. By MaryAnn

     Writing style is superb. So much to think of when praying ” the Lord’s Prayer.” Unique style and much to consider when praying. By Robert A. Leon

     This book is not only a great history lesson, but it exposes multiple ways to view the lines of the Lord’s Prayer and deepen your spiritual experience when you pray. By Frank Healy, HSAM

     Paul Meier’s wonderful book, “In Living Color,” re-introduces me to the Lord’s Prayer in a way that allows me to glimpse a deeper meaning in its well-known message. Yes, on one level this prayer is perfectly wonderful taken at face value. But when Meier walks us through the shades of meaning found in the prayer’s original language, I’m reminded all over again that my relationship with God is a living, growing relationship, with new layers available to me whenever I am ready to look beneath the surface of old, familiar words.      In concluding his exploration, Meier points out, “What better way to orchestrate harmony than through song? I’m certain that if a group of poets had translated Holy Scriptures instead of theologians, the kingdom of God would have come long ago.” By Peg Robarchek

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