The Kingdom of Heaven for Today



    Jesus spoke of a paradise to come when he was on the cross. Yet he never referred to “heaven” or “the kingdom of heaven” as an afterlife destination. The kingdom he described was the development of unity on earth, a place where all things are working together in oneness and harmony.  

     Many parables told by Jesus that have been hard to understand will become clear when defined in present day terms. God’s will, design, and plan from the beginning of time has been perfect peace and harmony among all creation. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It’s real and open to everyone who works toward harmony and peace. This book sets the stage for improving life in the world today rather than promoting what is needed to go to heaven after you die.


     “As a student of the Scriptures and one who has preached many times on the texts Paul Meier explores, I had more “Aha!” moments than I could count while reading his book. I especially appreciate the way Meier often returns to the Aramaic source, particularly when considering the sayings of Jesus himself. All that being said, this scholarly work is highly accessible to non-scholarly readers, too. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know what Jesus really had to say about heaven. You will be surprised.”  Rev. Nancy Kraft, PhD, Religion and Education, and Lutheran pastor      

    “The Kingdom of Heaven for Today! is a very important work, one which has the potential to transform your ways of thinking about the bible, Jesus’s teachings, the nature of God and heaven, and the meaning of spirituality itself. And the best part is, there’s no magic needed. Just compassion.  This is a profound, potentially life-changing collection of ideas. Paul is a masterful teacher whose voice is at once wry, humorous, witty, irreverent, bold, and more than a little confrontational (but in a very gentle, very necessary way). Paul’s style is very writerly–not “preacherly” or “sermonly”–one that allows a great depth of scholarship to show through, without sounding academic.   Frank W. Kresen, proof positive, Kansas City, Missouri

     For my entire life, I have felt that religion got it all wrong but couldn’t quite put my finger on why. This book explains. A great read. Michele Defilippo

     The references to actual Aramaic translations and then incorporation into well-known Bible verses is profound…Highly recommend this book to all. Michael E Jones


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