DRY BONES: Breathing New Life into Petrified Words of the Bible


Now available in print and ebook.

        Everyone who picks up a Bible should be able to understand it without asking a pastor or theologian to explain it. The teachings of the New Testament were intended to help people in the struggle of life on earth, not to support doctrinal concepts developed in later centuries. This book investigates twelve Greek words which possess greater diversity and flexibility of meaning than has been credited to them. By applying definitions appropriate to the first century, you will recognize how the New Testament offers relevant guidance for improving your life in the world today. You will never read the Bible the same when you understand these terms.

    You’ll discover additional perspectives for these words:

  • repent
  • heaven & the kingdom of heaven
  • forgive
  • saved & salvation
  • believe (verb) & faith (noun)
  • three kinds of life
  • death & perish
  • evil & wicked
  • and much more!