Divorce & Remarriage: Biblical Proof in Favor of Compassion


     Here’s my new book about divorce and remarriage. I think you’ll be pleased to see that the Gospel writers intended to share compassionate words in defense of wives rather than promoting an  injustice to women.



      Kind-hearted pastors have had no way to explain the lack of compassion in Jesus’s teachings. They have done well in their defense of persons unjustly divorced and ill-treated by some churches. Yet here’s a candid answer that reveals the concern of Jesus the way New Testament writers intended to communicate it.

     Finally, the translations of Jesus’s teachings about divorce and remarriage are scrutinized for their accuracy. This book examines the Greek texts of the four statements by Jesus and the advice of Paul. It disputes how they were translated into English by translators for King James. Following the rules of Greek grammar, it reveals compassion in Jesus instead of a rabbi trying to uphold Jewish law. In truth, Jesus opposed the patriarchal treatment of women in the clutches of a male-dominated society.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Adultery is about more than sex.
  • Translation is more subjective than you might think.
  • Mark’s teaching provides a template for Matthew and Luke, but the passive voice is ignored.
  • Matthew adds the exception. Passive voice and logos are ignored.
  • Luke’s statement has not been considered in its full context.
  • In trying to make the texts agree, KJV translators stumbled again.
  • Paul’s advice is pastoral and not concerned whether spouses were believers or not.