The Beatitudes – Finding New Meanings Within the Language Jesus Spoke



     The paradoxical teachings of Jesus in the Beatitudes, although to some extent understandable, still mystify the most scholarly. Examining how they are interpreted directly from the language Jesus spoke quickly reveals new layers of meanings with beautiful and practical insights..

     Here you will discover a new appreciation for the wisdom within the Beatitudes. Each one possesses multiple implications because Aramaic words hold internal, external, literal, metaphorical, and mystical meanings. Each phrase offers a profound framework for spiritual maturation.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • translation from one language to another requires greater flexibility than simply replacing one word with another.
  • the poetic and mystical nature of Aramaic invites greater exploration at body, mind, and spirit in each beatitude
  • to be “blessed” means more than having positive things happen to you
  • heaven and earth are metaphors that apply to your life today
  • mourning goes beyond the loss of a loved one and leads you to redefine who you are
  • meekness is a trait that indicates greater self-control and strength than most would think
  • what it means to be blessed for being persecuted
  • and so much more!


     I enjoyed reading this study and used it as the basis for a bible study. It presented the Beatitudes in a way I had not previously considered and gave me a much better appreciation of what Jesus was saying. I had never looked at the Beatitudes as a whole, describing the progressive changing heart of the believer. I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone!   By MaryAnn 

      If you are looking for a deeper and thought challenging study of the Beatitudes this book will help you. Written by a a Lutheran minister who challenges you to think deeper using original Aramaic and Greek languages as a base of study and meaning. Easily understood. Use highlighter in book or on your kindle to emphasize the important points. Study questions by chapter in back can be used individually or in a group study.   By Chuck

      Paul Meier tops his other good books here! The insights BREATHE with Spirit winds, and help us to see the Beatitudes with a new perspective–larger, deeper, and more embracing of the lives we live today. Yes! Yes! Yes! So valuable!   By Jude Mogyordy

      I thought this book was very good at giving background explanations of many terms in their original languages. It gives the English printed word a fullness that only an ancient language gives. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read something that instructs and deepens one’s understanding of the words of Jesus. By Rev. of Emmanuel 

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