The Ancient Understanding of Eternal Life


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     Due to a puzzling translation of the Greek term aionios zoa during the development of the Christian church and the New Testament, an important theme may have been altered. Were the apostles trying to teach future generations how to inherit Paradise after death or where they, in fact, trying to communicate what Jesus declared would bring life in its abundance today? In this provocative book, you’ll see that applying aionios zoa according to its first century meaning, the New Testament comes to life in surprising ways. If the church adopted the ancient understanding of what was translated as “eternal life,” a fading Christianity might be able to regain its relevance for life in this world.<br>

  • Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The ancient Greek meaning of aionios (usually translated as “eternal”).
  • What eternal and everlasting mean in the Old and New Testaments.
  • The different kinds of life and death in the New Testament.
  • A new perspective on eternal punishment, the Day of the Lord, and the Last Day.
  • Jesus’s connection to eternal life.
  • How to take hold of eternal life while you’re still on earth.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1    The Ancient Greek Meaning of aionios

CHAPTER 2    Understanding Everlasting in the OT

CHAPTER 3    Forever in the NT

CHAPTER 4    Clarifying Eternal Homes and Eternal Sin

CHAPTER 5    Making Sense of Life and Death

CHAPTER 6    What is Eternal Punishment?

CHAPTER 7    How to Inherit Eternal Life Before You Die

CHAPTER 8    The Image of Eternal Life

CHAPTER 9    What are the Day of the Lord & the Last Day?

CHAPTER 10   Saved for What?

CHAPTER 11  Biblical Instruction for Taking Hold of Eternal Life in this Age

CHAPTER 12  A New Focus for the Church