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          Everyone who picks up a Bible should be able to understand it without asking a pastor or theologian to explain it. The teachings of the New Testament were intended to help people in the struggle of life on earth, not to support doctrinal concepts developed in later centuries. This book investigates twelve Greek words which possess greater diversity and flexibility of meaning than has been credited to them. By applying definitions appropriate to the first century, you will recognize how the New Testament offers relevant guidance for improving your life in the world today. You will never read the Bible the same after you understand the possible translation variations for these terms.

          You’ll discover additional perspectives for these words:

·       repent   ·       heaven & the kingdom of heaven  ·       forgive  ·       saved & salvation

·       believe (verb) & faith (noun)  ·       three kinds of life  ·       death & perish

·       evil & wicked  ·       and much more!

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          Late in the twentieth century, popular study Bibles began suggesting the concept of “eternal life” means something other than living forever in Paradise. There has been no attempt to justify why they suggested this, and few people in positions of religious leadership have mentioned this to those in the pews.

          This book provides a full explanation for the validity of suggesting aiónios refers to time in the present age. It justifies why aiónios always means in the present age and it shows the impact it makes on the message of the New Testament. The change has no effect on theologies about getting into Paradise but it offers expanded guidance to people in their lives today, offering the church a means to become increasingly relevant to life in this world. You’ll see that when aiónios zoa is applied according to its first century meaning, the New Testament comes to life in surprising ways. Order a copy today!


           Who could improve upon the Lord’s Prayer? Its universal appeal is engrained in everyone who has prayed it repeatedly. Yet there are new insights to be gained by studying it from a different perspective.

      When Jesus taught his disciples to pray the Lord’s Prayer, he spoke from an Aramaic viewpoint that offers many levels of meaning. As you learn the history of the Lord’s Prayer and then study each phrase, you will recognize a profound framework for spiritual growth.

      Building around God’s desire for unity among all creation, each petition is explored to reveal internal, external, literal, metaphorical, and mystical treasures common to the Aramaic language. Praying and meditating on the traditional words of the Lord’s Prayer, rooted in the language Jesus spoke, will rekindle your love for its shared wisdom. Get an e-book or print copy at Amazon – Just click here. 

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    Have the Beatitudes of Jesus found in the Sermon on the Mount bewildered you? Has anyone ever convinced you that it’s to your advantage to be poor, meek, or persecuted? What are we missing?

     When you hear them from the perspective of the language Jesus spoke (Aramaic), the Beatitudes reveal layers of meanings with beautiful and practical insights. As you study each phrase, you will recognize a profound framework for spiritual maturation.

     Building around God’s desire for unity among all creation, each Beatitude reveals meaning at the internal, external, literal, and metaphorical levels common to the Aramaic language.  Their mysterious wisdom, rooted in the language Jesus spoke, can further your personal development in becoming the person God created you to be. Get an e-book or print copy at Amazon – Just click here.

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       Jesus spoke of a paradise to come when he was on the cross. Yet he never referred to “heaven” or “the kingdom of heaven” as an afterlife destination. The kingdom he described was the development of unity on earth, a place where all things are working together in oneness and harmony. 

    Many parables told by Jesus that have been hard to understand will become clear when defined in present day terms. God’s will, design, and plan from the beginning of time has been perfect peace and harmony among all creation. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It’s real and open to everyone who works toward harmony and peace. This book sets the stage for improving life in the world today rather than promoting what is needed to go to heaven after you die.


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          Kind-hearted pastors have had no way to explain the lack of compassion in Jesus’s teachings. They have done well in their defense of persons unjustly divorced and ill-treated by some churches. Yet here’s a candid answer that reveals the concern of Jesus the way New Testament writers intended to communicate it.

          Finally, the sixteenth century translations of Jesus’s teachings about divorce and remarriage are scrutinized for their accuracy. This book examines the Greek texts of the four statements by Jesus and the pastoral advice of Paul. It disputes how they were translated into English by translators for King James. Following the rules of Greek grammar, it reveals Jesus’s opposition to the patriarchal treatment of women in the clutches of a male-dominated society.

     Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Adultery is more than sex.
  • Translation is more subjective than you might think.
  • Mark’s teaching provides a template for Matthew and Luke, but the passive voice is ignored.
  • Matthew adds the exception. Passive voice and logos are ignored.
  • Luke’s statement has not been considered in its full context.
  • In trying to make the texts agree, KJV translators stumbled again.
  • Paul’s advice is pastoral and not concerned whether spouses are believers or not.

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0 - FINAL - small - How to Love God

          Is it your love ‘for’ God or your fear ‘of’ God that motivates you the most to follow his will in your life? There’s a world of difference between these two incentives, and only one of them can bring an abundance of joy and hope in your daily life.

          Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. But has anyone ever taught you a method that will help you do that?

          Here you will learn a centuries’ old spiritual practice that illuminates the character of the Creator God in such a way that Christian living grows from a foundation of love rather than being reward- or fear-based.

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         Martin Luther’s scholastic writings provided the theological foundation for change in the institutional church. Now his sermons reveal that love lies at the heart of biblical interpretation and application.  Take a look at the book trailer:    Full description or pick up a copy for your:    Kindle   –   PRINT COPY

Or if you’d like to read the Introduction and a sample chapter, click on this link.

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30 Days to Loving God with All Your Heart     This book of guided meditations focuses on Jesus as the revelation of God to the world. It’s geared toward non-contemplatives who like to engage their imagination.    

     What’s unique about these devotions is that they encourage readers to use all five physical senses as they imagine themselves entering and participating inside the stories of with Jesus. If you can imagine something vividly, it’s the closest thing to actually being there. Full description or order a copy from Amazon.

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7 Prayers for the Power to Forgive and Move Forward with Your Life      The word “forgive” has practical meanings beyond the religious undertones that tend to invoke guilt when you’re finding it difficult to let go of an offense.     

     Emphasis is placed on the intentional effort invested in the process so you can move forward with your life. Yet it takes a special Power within you to initiate and fulfill the process of forgiveness. This information, with its comments and prayers, will teach you how to overcome wrongdoings and resentments so you can claim peace and joy in your life.

     Topics covered: What other ways are there to forgive? What are the benefits of forgiving? What about justice? How do you forgive 70 x 7 times? How do you forgive yourself? How do you forgive those closest to you? The Power from on High. Is there life after forgiveness? Order here from Amazon device. It will be delivered on January 19th, 2015.

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     Many people trudge through life not realizing God’s abundance is sitting at their fingertips. Instead, they work hard, sacrifice, and follow the rules faithfully, expecting the good is going to come later in heaven as a reward for their efforts here on earth.

     But that’s not entirely biblical. God wants you to enjoy all His treasures today as well without waiting until you’ve died and gone to heaven.

      Here you’ll find out what Jesus meant by storing up treasures in heaven and see that it makes perfect sense to believe they are available to you right now. I think you’ll agree that God wants you to enjoy them today.   ORDER IT FROM AMAZON HERE TODAY!


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