Devotional Study for Lent – Lectionary A – Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther

(I’ve tried to match the texts of Luther’s sermons as closely to our current Lectionary Cycle as his texts permit. I’ve placed the upcoming Sunday’s sermon text on Mondays so it can be a guide for reflection on the whole week of prayers. I have also tried to match the midweek prayers to the theme as much as possible.)

March 5  Ash Wednesday – 2014

Read the Introduction  (p.3) and

Luke 18:9–14  Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector  (p.172)

When Proud of One’s Religious Practices

 March 6  (Thursday)

Preparation for 1st SUNDAY in Lent – March 9

Matthew 4:1–11  Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness (p.12)

When Tempted

March 7  (Friday)

Luke 11:14–23   Jesus and Beelzebul  (p.144)

Struggling to be Righteous

 March 8  (Saturday)

Luke 16:19–31   The Rich Man and Lazarus  (p.164)

When I Trust in Outward Appearances

 +     +     +     +

 March 10  (Monday)

Preparation for 2nd SUNDAY in Lent – March 16

John 3:1–15    Nicodemus Visits Jesus  (p.208)

Becoming a New Person

March 11  (Tuesday)

John 14:23–31   The Promise of the Holy Spirit  (p.240)

Changing the Heart

March 12  (Wednesday)

Matthew 2:1–12  The Wise Men Meet the Christ Child  (p.8)

Humility: Resisting Self-Importance

March 13  (Thursday)

Mark 7:31–37     Jesus Heals a Man Deaf and Mute  (p.92)

Becoming a Witness

March 14  (Friday)

Matthew 11:2–11  John the Baptist Sends Messengers to Jesus  (p.44)

To Show Love for God

March 15  (Saturday)

Luke 6:36–42   Teaching on Forgiveness and Judgment  (p.128)

 On Mercy and Justice

 +     +     +     +

 March 17  (Monday)

Preparation for 3rd SUNDAY in Lent –  March 23 

John 4:46–54   Jesus Heals the Official’s Son  (p.216)

Faith Grows with Testing

March 18  March 11  (Tuesday)

John 8:46–59   Glorifying the Father instead of Abraham  (p.228)

When the Truth is Criticized

March 19  (Wednesday)

Luke 17:11–19    Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers   (p.168)

Growth in Faith

March 20  (Thursday)

Luke 5:1–11  Jesus Calls the First Disciples (p.124)

When Frustrated with Self-Effort

March 21  (Friday)

Luke 16:1–9    The Parable of the Shrewd Manager  (p.160)

When I Possess More than I Need

March 22  (Saturday)

Matthew 22:15–22   The Question about Paying Taxes (p.72)

When Trusting in Human Ways

 +     +     +     +

 March 24  (Monday)

Preparation for 4th SUNDAY in Lent – March 30 

Matthew 23:34–39   Woes to the Pharisees  (p.80)

Protected under Christ

March 25  (Tuesday)

John 1:1928   The Testimony of John the Baptist  (p.200)

Salvation is Today

March 26  (Wednesday)

Matthew 9:1–8   Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralytic  (p.36)

 Grace, not Works or Law

March 27  (Thursday)

Luke 14:1–11   Jesus Heals on the Sabbath and Teaches Humility  (p.148)

The Spirit of the Law

March 28  (Friday)

Matthew 8:1–13  Jesus Cleanses a Leper, Heals a Centurion’s Servant  (p.28)

Christian Motivation

March 29  (Saturday)

Matthew 18:23–35   Parable of the Unforgiving Servant  (p.56)

Power to Forgive

 +     +     +     +

 March 31 (Monday)

Preparation for 6th SUNDAY in Lent – April 6 

Luke 7:11–17    Jesus Raises the Widow’s Son at Nain  (p.132)

When Misfortune Strikes

April 1  March 11  (Tuesday)

Matthew 8:23–27   Jesus Stills the Storm  (p.32)

Fear in Trials

April 2  (Wednesday)

Matthew 6:24–34    Do Not Worry about Tomorrow  (p. 20)


April 3  (Thursday)

Matthew 5:20–26   Jesus’ Teaching Clarifies the Law  (p.16)

When Feeling Angry

April 4  (Friday)

Luke 2:41–52    Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple  (p.120)

When Anxious

April 5  (Saturday)

Luke 18:31–43   A Blind Man Recognizes the Messiah (p.176)

Concerning Reason and Rules

 +     +     +     +

 April 7  (Monday)

Preparation for PALM SUNDAY – April 13  

Matthew 21:19    Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem  (p.64 )

Christian Living

April 8  March 11  (Tuesday)

Luke 2:33–40  Jesus is Brought to the Temple  (p.116)

How to Serve Jesus

April 9  (Wednesday)

Matthew 25:31–46  Separating the Sheep and Goats  (p.88)

Faith Bears Fruit

April 10  (Thursday)

Matthew 20:1–16   The Laborers in the Vineyard  (p.60)

Why Do I Work?

April 11  (Friday)

Luke 2:15–20  The Shepherds Visit Jesus  (p.112)


April 12  (Saturday)

Luke 8:4–15   The Parable of the Sower  (p.136)

What Kind of Christian Am I

 +     +     +     +

 April 14 (Monday)

Preparation for Easter Sunday – April 20 

 Mark 16:1–8    The Resurrection of Jesus  (p.100)

April 15  March 11  (Tuesday)

John 15:26–16:4   Persecution for Following Christ  (p.244)

Knowing the Truth

April 16  (Wednesday)

Matthew 24:15–28   The Great Tribulation  (p.84)

Trusting in Christ, not in Works

April 17  Maundy Thursday

A Prayer for Confession and the Lord’s Supper  (p.272)

April 18  Good Friday

How to Contemplate  Christ’s Sufferings  (p.268)

April 19  Vigil of Easter  (Saturday)

John 16:16–23   Sorrow Will Turn into Joy  (p.252)

 +     +   EASTER SUNDAY   +     +

April 21  (Monday)

Preparation for 2nd Sunday of Easter –  April 27 

John 20:19–31   Jesus Appears to His Disciples  (p.260)

Seeking Peace

April 22  March 11  (Tuesday)

Matthew 9:18–26   A Girl Restored to Life/Woman Healed  (p.40)

Power in Prayer

April 23  (Wednesday)

John 16:23–30   Jesus Mediates for Us  (p.256)

The Practice of Prayer

April 24  (Thursday)

Matthew 15:21–28    The Canaanite Woman’s Faith  (p.52)

When Prayer Seems to Fail

April 25  (Friday)

John 2:1–11   The Wedding in Cana  (p.204)

A New Perspective of the Law

April 26  (Saturday)

Luke 19:41–48   Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem  (p.180)

False Security

 +     +     +     +

 April 28  (Monday)

Preparation for 3rd Sunday of Easter –  May 4 

Luke 24:13–35   The Walk to Emmaus   (p.188)

 Coming to Holy Communion

April 29  March 11  (Tuesday)

Mark 16:14–20    Jesus Commissions the Disciples  (p.104)

When My Faith is Weak

April 30  (Wednesday)

Mark 8:1–9    Jesus Feeds Four Thousand   (p.96)

 In Times of Need

May 1  (Thursday)

John 6:1–15    Feeding the Five Thousand   (p.220)

 Nourishment for the Soul

May 2  (Friday)

Luke 14:16–24  The Parable of the Invitation to the Great Feast  (p.152)

For the Poor and Weak

May 3  (Saturday)

Matthew 22:1–14   The Parable of the Wedding Banquet  (p.68)

Married to Christ

 +     +     +     +

 May 5 (Monday)

Preparation for 4th Sunday of Easter – May 11

John 10:1–11   Jesus the Gatekeeper  (p.232)

The Right of Sheep to Judge


May 6  March 11  (Tuesday)

John 10:11–16   Jesus the Good Shepherd   (p.236)

Discerning True & False Shepherds

May 7  (Wednesday)

Matthew 13:24–30  Parable of Weeds among the Wheat  (p.48)

 On Judging Others

May 8  (Thursday)

Luke 14:1-11   Jesus Heals on the Sabbath & Teaches Humility  (p.148)

 The Spirit of the Law

May 9  (Friday)

Matthew 22:34–46   The Greatest Commandment  (p.76)

The Purpose of the Law

May 10  (Saturday)

Matthew 7:15–23   People Are Known by Their Fruits  (p.24)

Assessing True Teaching

 +     +     +     +

May 12 (Monday)

Preparation for 5th Sunday of Easter –  May 18

John 1:1–14   Jesus is the Living Word  (p.196)

The Image of God


May 13  March 11  (Tuesday)

John 3:16–21   God’s Love for the World  (p.212)

Trusting in a Good God

May 14  (Wednesday)

John 6:44–51    The Bread of Life  (p.224 )

God’s Goodness

May 15  (Thursday)

Luke 2:1–14   Jesus’ Birth and Announcement to the Shepherds  (p.108)

Christ in the Poor


May 16  (Friday)

John 21:19–24   Jesus Redirects Peter’s Concern  (p.264)

What does God want me to do?


May 17  (Saturday)

Luke 15:1–1   The Parable of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin   (p.156)

A Gospel for All People

 +     +     +     +

May 19 (Monday)

Preparation for 6th Sunday of Easter – May 25 

Review Luke 14:1-11 (p.148)  &  Luke 15:1-10 (p.156)

Love One Another

May 20  March 11  (Tuesday)

Luke 21:25–36   The Coming of the Son of Man  (p.184)

Awaiting the Kingdom

May 21  (Wednesday)

Luke 10:23–37   The Parable of the Good Samaritan  (p.140)

Seeking Eternal Life

May 29  (Ascension Day)

Luke 24:36-47   The Ascension of Jesus   (p.192)

Regret for Having Sinned

Preparation for Pentecost Sunday – June 8

John 16:5–15   The Work of the Spirit  (p.248)  The Spiritual Kingdom


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