New book released on the Lord’s Prayer

New Book Released on Amazon!

Are you praying the Lord’s Prayer like it’s a dutiful mantra needed to get to the next step of the worship service, to end a meeting properly, or to remind your group that there’s a spiritual component to your gathering? My new book will infuse new life into this universal and timeless prayer.

I’ve tried to make this an easy to read and informative work to show the beauty and depths of meaning hidden beneath the traditional words of this prayer. I give a brief history of how the Lord’s Prayer came to be spoken today before I explore the meanings of the individual petitions.

I used translations I found that came from Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke.  More poetic and mystical than the Greek language, Aramaic invites listeners to explore meanings of words at the levels of body, mind, and spirit. Hopefully it will add color and freshness to words that have become rote. With new understanding, you won’t want to rush through the Lord’s Prayer to get finished, but to meditate on it and let it wash you with new meaning every time you pray it.

Go to see it on Amazon here.

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