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On my blog, I’ve been focusing on prayer, the gospel message, and Martin Luther’s influence on religion. And then, I throw in some other things as the wind sends me in other directions. Today I want to tell you about the book I’ve just released: Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther: Finding Freedom in Love.

In 2008, I read the gospel sermons in Martin Luther’s Church Postil. I heard a different Luther from the one I met in confirmation and later in seminary. Postil means “explanations” and he wrote the sermons for local clergy to help them with their Sunday messages.

Having been informed by theologians about Luther’s message, I wanted to hear what he said to his congregants. Of course, what anyone hears in a sermon depends on where they are in their lives at that moment. I’ve been surprised more than once to hear what I just preached when shaking hands with departing members.

I was pleasantly surprised about some of the things I read in his sermons (as much as you can be pleasantly surprised when trying to wade through the length and breadth of his messages—some were 8,000 words long). He must have gone through many, many inkwells. I discovered Luther was no biblical literalist. The Word spoke to him in ways academia might consider superfluous today.

Throughout 2008, I wrote a prayer each week based on 2-3 sermons for a gospel text. Parishioners could pick up the prayer as they left church and use it during their personal study/prayer time during the week. Not many did. Still, I was the one who benefited most by reading the sermons and writing the prayers.

In my book I highlight some of the more interesting things Brother Martin taught in his sermons. (You can also review some of the quotations that raised my eyebrows at this link.) If a prayer peaks your interest, you can look up that particular sermon in the Church Postil and do the heavy reading. (I’m having trouble with the link at the header taking you there, but it will be fixed soon.)

WAIT to purchase

The ebook is on Amazon now, but don’t buy it yet. It will be FREE for download for two days next week. I’ll tell you what days those are as soon as I establish them with Amazon.

The print version is now available. I’m still going to ask you not to buy it until the first free day for ebook downloads (the print version is not free – paper costs money). The reason I ask you to wait is because Amazon has a rating system and the more books sold on one day drives the rating up and makes it more visible to the public.

The price of the ebook from is $2.99 (unless you order it on a free day). You can purchase it at this link.

Take a look at the book trailer I made:

And if you want to alert some people you know that the ebook is going to be free for two days, then tell them about it. Thanks.

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