Book Giveaway Results

Before I move back into blogging, I want to give you a final total on the number of ebooks that were downloaded during my two free giveaway days. I had a lot of help from my friends and family who reposted and retweeted during that time – thanks! I kept track of the rankings through those days, and these are the best showings during that 48 hour period (Amazon updates their rankings every hour.)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #386 Free in Kindle Store

Amazon Best Sellers Rank [Paid Print]: #8,479 in Books

The best placement in the individual categories were: #1 free in Lutheranism, #1 free in Protestantism, #1 in Christian Prayerbooks, #5 free in Christianity, #10 free in Religion & Spirituality, and #63 free in Non-fiction.

The number of downloads for the free days were 790 in the U.S., 45 in England, and 1 in Germany for a total of 836.

I’m amazed at the reach of the internet and the speed at which information can be spread. I’m also grateful to friends and family who helped get the word out. I hope all who downloaded and purchased the book will be blessed by it and find some treasure in it worth sharing. If anyone is able to post a review of the book on Amazon, that would be awesome.

Thanks again!

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