New Book Cover for Praying the Gospels with Martin Luther


     In celebration of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the church doors, I decided it is time to change the cover of my book. I liked the old cover but it really didn’t give a visual representation of the contents. I thought the image of Luther himself with his hand over his heart might tell the person looking at the cover a little more about its contents.

These are not Luther’s prayers, they are my prayers based on the themes that spoke to me within the Gospel sermons of his Church Postils, a series of sermons he wrote that priests who had little formal training could read from their pulpits. These sermons made a profound impact on my understanding Martin Luther, the preacher, rather than the theologian. Rather than arguing against religious leaders and past doctrines, his sermons were explanations of the biblical texts and how they applied to common life. I wish that theologians would read his sermons and quote from them more often. I’ve listed some quotes that opened my eyes and changed the way I thought on another page (it’s accessible from one of the headings above as well).

I also have a page that provides a plan to use the book as a personal study during the season of Lent that identifies the prayers that might be appropriate for weekly themes during each Lectionary year. Since it’s the culmination of the Luther Decade and the 500th anniversary, this might be a good year to give it a try.

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