One Big Benefit of Centering Prayer


One of the benefits of centering prayer is that is helps reduce the influence of the fear-driven EGO. Peace comes when fear is removed. Fear is cast out by perfect love. This is both an internal and an external activity.

You can help yourself, first by working on your own EGO. When you discover who you really are, made in the image of God, you can love yourself. When you love yourself, then you don’t have to find ways of proving others are less than you. Centering prayer can help you do this.

The first step is the manual part, mostly under your power. It’s making the decision to work at it. That involves setting aside time every day. Twenty minutes is the standard recommendation. Twice a day if you’re really serious. This is the chainsaw part of the process. Like the video clip below:

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Once you’ve carved out time to practice centering prayer, having overcome a huge barrier – deciding you’re worth it, you have time to help yourself – then comes the benefit of centering prayer that is harder to understand. You’ll see that in my next blog.

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