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     Do you have as much trouble asking for help as I do? I’m far happier about responding to requests from others for help than I am to ask for another’s kindness. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Yet I’m going to break through that barrier today and ask for your help.

     You know that I’ve been writing for several years. Sometimes I wonder why. I wonder, “Couldn’t I be doing something more productive?” There’s not much reward in writing about religious things. Most people would rather read fiction and fantasy for their entertainment, which is okay. One day – soon I hope – I want to sit down and read a good, entertaining book of fiction. The stuff on television these days really stinks.

     I think it’s the personal feeling of “wow” as I write when something new pops into my mind that keeps me writing. And so I will.

How to Love the Lord Your God     What am I asking for today? (and what I’ll repeat two or more three times in my blogs before Nov. 23) I’m asking for 99¢. I need you to spend 99¢ on my behalf to help promote the image of God that Jesus came to improve upon…the image that proclaims “God is good ALL the time.”

     If there’s one ebook out of the six I’ve written that I would want anyone to read, it’s the one that is being released Nov. 23 – How to Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart and Change Your Life Forever.

     It’s the shortest of all my books so far. Forty pages. Short is better – just like in sermons.

     The help I need is for you to pre-order the ebook now at Amazon. All last week I tried to get my ebooks downloaded in the iBookStore using an old Macintosh my brother gave me. But it was too old to use the software needed to convert my files for iphones, ipads, and Apple products.

     You can pre-order the ebook for Nooks and Kobo ereaders here.

     Yet, Amazon has a free application for Kindle ebooks that allows you to place ebooks on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can get the Amazon app here. Personally, I wish Apple and Amazon would be able to work together so everyone could have access to what’s in the ebookstores. That’s about as likely to happen as denominations and religions working together to advance the kingdom of heaven. So we have to work with what’s available.

     The pre-order price isn’t any cheaper than when the ebook becomes available. How much cheaper can you get than 99¢? I suppose you can get it 99¢ cheaper if it were free. I considered making it free because I think it’s that important.

     But I also think that people don’t often read free nonfiction books because if it’s not worth anything, then why read it? Some think, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Free means you get nothing of value. The non-fiction books that I run across in yard sales and library giveaways are free because they are outdated. I think this book can change a person’s whole outlook on life. If it improves your life for a day, like a cup of coffee at McDonald’s, that’s worth at least 99¢.

     I’m asking you to pre-order this 99¢ ebook before Nov. 23. Why? Because when it becomes “live” on Nov. 23, then it will be listed higher in the Amazon ranking system – as if all the pre-order people ordered it on that day. A significant number of pre-orders will bump it into public view on the Amazon Kindle Store for a couple of days, and this alone will help it to be seen by those few people looking for a book that might help them in their spiritual journey.

     If you don’t like to read religious stuff, that’s okay. Don’t read it. I’m just asking for a 99¢ donation from you to help it get in front of the people it’s supposed to reach. Thanks in advance for your pre-order.

     You can order it here: How to Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart and Change Your Life Forever.


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