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Beginning today—Sunday, May 11, 2014 and running through Saturday, May 17, 2014—my newly released ebook, In Living Color: Heaven, will be on sale at Amazon for 99¢. Read some of the recommendations in the book description section.

Here are a few excerpts the editor said were a few of his favorites:

In Living Color: HeavenThe kingdom of the heavens is about passion for life. It’s about creating new things or making them better so they come to their true potential. Life is not a passive waiting for death to come so that you can have true life. Life is today, and it’s to be lived to the fullest, without fear, without hate, without judgment.

There’s an ancient recipe from 200 BCE that explains the difference between the two kinds of baptism. It’s a recipe for making pickles, and it uses both words. It says the cucumber should first be “dipped” (baptô) into boiling water and then baptized” (baptizô) in the vinegar solution. Both verbs indicate immersing the cucumber in a solution. The first is temporary, like “blanching.” The second kind of baptism takes much longer, and it’s the one that produces a “permanent” change. My parents did both to me—baptô and baptizō. First…

When you bring peace to people without any expectation of payment, they’ll start to feed you, wash your clothes, give you a place to stay, and help you get where you need to go. When people see that you don’t mean them harm but that you want to share your peace or joy with them, they are very receptive and accepting. I think that’s a spiritual law.

Do yourself a favor. Turn off the fire hoses of violent and negative energy into your psyche. The Federal Communications Commission ought to place a warning label on some radio and television shows that says, “This program may be hazardous to your participation in the kingdom of heaven.”

I hope you can take advantage of the reduced price—do it now so you don’t forget. And I hope you will be blessed by some of the information I have provided. (There are a lot of sermon ideas and discussion topics to springboard from in this book.)

And if you find you could recommend In Living Color: Heaven to others—a review on Amazon would be very much appreciated.

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