50 Shades of Hunger


The big news is that 50 Shades of Grey is packing the movie theaters of America today. Maybe that’s okay. I don’t know. It certainly titillates the sexual impulses of American culture. Our local theaters are charging $9.15 a pop for entry. It’s the talk of the town and nation.

Colminy School in Haiti     For a tad bit more money, $3.85 more to be exact, (a grand total of $13.00), you could feed fifty children who may not have received a meal in 24 hours a healthy, nourishing bowl of beans and rice.

If as many people who bought tickets to feed their physical desires by attending this movie on this Valentine’s Day weekend (some estimate $60 million from movie goers), decided to spend another $3.85 on top of a movie ticket, to help 50 children fill their aching stomachs, they could provide 230 million meals for children in Haitian schools.

I took these pictures of children in Colminy School in Haiti when I went there in 2011. My church sponsors this school and has fed the children there every school year since 2004. At the rate of 26 cents per meal, it’s a ministry that touches our hearts.0 - 50 shades 4

One of Haiti’s big problems is illiteracy. Children who are hungry cannot mentally absorb what they are being taught. When they are given at least one meal every day, they are able to learn and grow in their physical, mental, and spiritual capacities.

The population of Haiti is 10.3 million. 34% are under the age of 14. That makes 3.5 million children. 230 million meals would feed every child in Haiti a nutritious meal at school for 13 weeks.

That’s from the single opening weekend revenues of 50 Shades of Grey.

I don’t care if you go to see the movie. It may make for a pleasurable afternoon or evening for you.

But why not, in addition, consider helping fifty shades of hunger in children in Haiti by donating $13 (or more) through Trinity/HOPE Inc, a non-profit organization based in Lebanon, TN?

Ninety-eight percent of your money will go toward feeding children and helping an impoverished neighbor country to pull itself out of illiteracy and poverty.

It doesn’t have much sex appeal, but it might make your heart happy.

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