5 Easy Steps to Peace in Your Lifetime


1.  Turn off the #!*@(#!  news. It’s biased, opinionated, negative, and keeps you perpetually angry. The media giants are in the business of making money, not truthtelling,. They steal your security and keep you coming back by stoking your fears. It’s your worst addiction. You are what you feed your mind. You don’t have to know what others think is going to happen if Congress can’t work together. They take your eyes off the blessings that surround you.

2.  Turn off your cellphone. Let it take a message.Barbeque

3.  Go outside. Take a walk. Plant a garden. 

4.  Throw some steaks, chicken, brats, salmon, or vegetables on the grill.

5.  Sit in a comfortable chair. Be one with nature. Stare at a tree and let it teach you the lessons of life.

It’s easier than you think to have peace in your lifetime.

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